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Exec & Contacts

SECTA Executive 2017 – 2018

Karen Kennedy-Allin
Weyburn Comprehensive School
Phone: 306.842.7494 x5708
Office hours for President:
Daily 8:30 – 10:30 am
Tuesday & Thursday 3:30 – 5:30 pm
Phone calls or email welcome

Vice President
Whitney Paul
Redvers School

Chylisse Marchand
Redvers School

Margot Arnold
Weyburn Comp

SECTA Office
c/o Karen Kennedy-Allin
Weyburn Comprehensive School
Weyburn SK S4H 2S5
Phone: 306.842-7494
Office Hours:  see above

Professional Regional Representatives

  • East – Kayla Henderson
  • South – Janet Mann
  • West – Teresa Farrell

Councillors, by Region

  • East – Chylisse Marchand, Whitney Paul, Tracy Cameron
  • South – Kyle Whitehead, Nina Lonsberry, Bev Magel, Janet Mann
  • West – Trent Whippler, Michael Van Betuw, Karen Kennedy-Allin (as president), Teresa Farrell

Standing Committee Members

  • Jason Petlack – LINC Chair, Executive member
  • Michael Van Betuw – Website/Technology Chair, LINC representative, Executive member
  • Amber Fornwald – Wellness Chair, Executive member
  • Teresa Farrell – Scholarship Chair, LINC representative, Executive member
  • Karen Kennedy-Allin – Communications, President, Provincial executive, Executive member
  • Margot Arnold – Budget Chair
  • Kyle Whitehead – LINC representative, Executive member
  • Whitney Paul – Resolutions Chair, Vice President, Executive member
  • Bev Magel – LINC representative, Executive member
  • Scott Kirkness – Executive member
  • Caroline Gillies – Executive member
  • Tracy Cameron – Executive member
  • Jessica Ziegler – Executive member
  • Kristy Cooper – Executive member
  • Nina Lonsberry – Executive member
  • Ramandeep Jhajj – Executive member
  • Heather Sanborn – LINC representative
  • Mark Koiser – LINC representative

2019/2020 SSR/SSL List

STF Executive Assistant for SE Cornerstone -John Schultz: 1-800-668-6658

All email addresses for SE Cornerstone teachers are firstname.lastname@secpsd.ca

STF School Liaisons (SSL) & School Staff Reps (SSR)

School staff reps represent your school.  They bring your voice to the SECTA Executive.
School Liaisons are the conduit between teachers in your building and the STF. SSLs distribute information as requested by the STF and convey information on teacher concerns to the provincial organization. SSLs are to link members to the supports and services within the STF.
Region School STF School Liaison School Staff Rep
East Arcola School Karla Ilchuk Judy Naylen
East Carlyle Elementary School Sherry Zacharias Melissa Roy-Brown
East Cyber Stone Online School Vacant Vacant
East Gordon F. Kells High School, Carlyle Maurice Saltel Vacant
East MacLeod Elementary School Leah Stevens Lana McCormac
East Manor School Robert Mitchell Robert Mitchell
East Maryfield School Sherry Retzlaff Sherry Retzllaff
East McNaughton High School Paul Stillman Tegan Matichuk
East Redvers School Tracy Kay Nancy Fraser
East Rocanville School Darla Down Kristin Byers
East Stoughton School Michael Van Betuw Michael Van Betuw
East Wapella School Wendy Johnson Wendy Johnson
East Wawota Parkland School Sara Warman-Nell Quin Kleiboer
Other Central Office Coors & Cons, Ed Psych Peggy Lawson Peggy Lawson
South Alameda School Glenys Neuman Marilyn Hammermeister
South Carievale School Stephanie Galloway Brittany Michaelchuk
South Carnduff Education Complex Louise Craven-McLean Debra Fraser
South Estevan Comp Kyle Whitehead Pat Jeannot
South Hillcrest School (Estevan) Melanie Young Brian Hayes
South Lampman Greg Trithart Amber Fornwald
South Macoun School Annmarie Melle-Rosner Annmarie Melle-Rosner
South Oxbow Prairie Horizons Val McNab David Mcfadden
South Pleasantdale School (Estevan) Angela Smeltzer Vacant
South Spruce Ridge (Estevan) Robin Ruzicka Loni Hollingshead
South Weldon School, Bienfait Shannon Brown Janet Mann
South Westview School (Estevan) Amanda Fonstad Betty McGillivray
West 33 Central School, Fillmore Andrew Sharpe Teresa Farrell
West Assiniboia Park Elementary (Weyburn) Stephanie Knibbs Stephanie Knibbs
West Gladmar Regional School Roberta Hoimyr Roberta Hoimyr
West Haig School (Weyburn) Tanice Abramson Louise Andrew
West Lyndale School, Ounger Taylor Juravle-Raine Tyalor Juravle-Raine
West Midale Central School Jessy Roszell Jessy Roszell
West Ogema School Megan Hughes Megan Hughes
West Pangman School Sabrina Youch Tammy Friesen
West Queen Elizabeth Elementary (Weyburn) Kim Rothwell Tara McKinneyn
West Radville Regional High School Anita Pirio June Lambert-Vandesype
West Souris School (Weyburn) Marie Johnson Marie Johnson
West Weyburn Comprehensive Trent Whippler Margot Arnold, Tammie Ashton-Morrison
West Yellow Grass School Tricia Klemenz Meaghan Andrew