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Mindfulness Handout from Convention

Living Well With Mindfulness

Trina Markusson

Speaker /Author/ Mindfulness Coach

Most of our stress begins with a thought.  What we think about affects how we feel in our body.  We have to train ourselves to notice our thoughts instead of getting caught up in them.

Mindfulness is about paying attention to what we are doing in the present moment.  It is noticing what we are doing as we are doing it.  If we are in the present moment, our stressful thoughts are settled and we feel calm.

Some ways to practise mindfulness are:

  1. Practise focussing on your breath for just a couple of minutes throughout the day. We can use our breath to keep us anchored in the present moment when we notice our thoughts wandering into the future or past. Just taking a couple conscious belly breaths can immediately calm our minds and bodies. Meditating by focussing on the breath for just 5-10 minutes a day will make a difference in how you feel.               Great Meditation Apps – “Calm” or “Headspace”
  2. Open up your five senses as you do daily activities like having a shower, doing the dishes, hugging someone, driving or eating.
  3. Become aware of your body – This can keep you grounded in the present moment. When you notice a strong emotion, really get curious about it. Name it. Find the sensation related to the emotion somewhere in the body. Hold this attention for at least 90 seconds. If you give negative emotions your full attention, they will begin to lose their power and you will feel better more quickly. Positive emotions increase with attention.  Practise a body scan or body meditation regularly to help relax and strengthen your “attention muscle.”
  4. Practise gratitude. This is one of the most powerful practises for helping to keep you happy and healthy.  Start a gratitude journal, get a gratitude buddy, download a gratitude app (gratitude rock).  Build moments of gratitude into your day.
  5. Notice your Self-talk – Our thoughts influence how we feel. Pay attention to the stories you are telling yourself.  Are they even true?  Try using positive affirmations to replace negative self-talk.
  6. Self-Care is key! If we don’t take care of ourselves, then we won’t be fully available to the ones around us.  Find other ways to nourish yourself like exercising, dancing, playing with your kids or going for a walk in nature.  Honor your body by eating healthy food.  Slow down. Recognize when you are feeling stressed, notice what thought is causing the stress, and use the tools to shift the frequency to the present moment. J

Just trying these little things every day will help you to spend more time in the precious present moment.  You will begin to see and feel a difference in your life.

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